Is it possible to lose a pound or more in one day?

Is it possible to lose a pound or more in one day?

Yes, but it will be water…which you will gain back once you get undehydrated.

There have been a moutain of studies over decades that have shown that people who lose max, 1 lb a week, stand the best chance of loseing fat instead of muscle, and keeping the fat from coming back.

Hm… 1 lb a week?
How can I do it? Any special exercises?

You can lift a ball point pen for 3 min 3 times a day.

A pound of fat is 3500 calories of energy. To lose a pound of fat you need to create a deficit of 500 calories a day.

The best way to do that is to eat 250 calories less and excercise off at least 250 calories.

Even if you only create a daily deficit of 250 calories a day, that is a half pound of fat loss a week…or 26 pounds in a year.

It is easy to cut out 250 calories. Drinking only water instead of soft drinks and other beverages will do that. I have known people who quit soda and lost as much weight.

The important thing to do is to learn how many calories you need and then maintain a steady intake. Most people get fat on little excesses they aren’t aware of.

Use a ball point pen, a memo pad, a scale and this site in unison:

Write down what you eat everyday and at the end of the day total up the calories. At the end of the week weigh yourself. If you have lost no weight you know you need to cut your calories some more.

Keep doing this. Writing down what you week and the calorie cost will keep you from overeating.

Also be aware that when you start any kind of calorie restriction that you will lose a lot of water weight at first, then the loss will be in more modest increments.

FWIW, that is how atkins and the other fad diet authors sell their books. People try some stupid system, really a calorie reduction, they lose 5 lbs of water all at once and they conclude the fiction of the fad diet is true.

Good Luck

Paul Dirac would say that you could just chop it off.
But that hurts :slight_smile:

How can this work? I love to try this, I’ve been trying so hard to loss weight but a pound for a day? this is amazing…

If you are a magician, of course you can.
Well, losing weight is a difficult thing, don’t think you will get rid of overwheight very fast. Some diet pills, like Adipex are said to help, but I don’t belive diet pills, I think they are useless. Just be patient. Do exercises. Keep to the diet. Don’t give up.