Is genetic engeneering safe?

What do you think, is genetic engeneering safe?

Playing god can’t be safe.

Let me change the question so that it doesn’t lead us into philosophy. :slight_smile:
Are genetically modified vegetables and fruits dangerous healthwise?

In a sense, humans have been genetically engineering for centuries. The selective breeding that has produced domestic cattle, pigs and dogs is a form of genetic engineering. Likewise, most of our crops have been selectively bred, and bear little resemblance to their wild counterparts.

I read “Day of the Triffids” some years ago - this has made me frightened of genetic engineering :book:

I do not understand why we need genetic engineering. In the 80s/90s, we had the infamous “grain mountain” (and oil and wine lakes) of surplus produce in the EU. Cuba is self sufficient and organic: read here

Genetic engineering in countries that can will not save lives in countries suffering famine (where war, social ignorance and goverment corruption are often contributing to the situation).

The thought scares me. . . . I’ve been brainwashed by my meditation teacher. Genetically modified = Bad.