Is climate change making us sick?

Is climate change making us sick?
As a result of global warming, many homeowners this week are up to their waists inmuddy water. Andflooding could be just the beginning of our worries. This week a paper in the British Medical Journal gave warning that climate change could be particularly damaging to the health of people in the developing world, but research also suggests that it could be bad news for Britain. Delegates at a conference in London on Tuesday will be told that global warming will drive up rates of cardio-respiratory disease, diarrhoea and insect-borne diseases such as malaria in the UK.
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I think so… this news is very informative… Thank you so much

Well i think you are saying right about it that climate change can bring so many diseases for the people and i have heard in the news that in asia people are getting sick due to bad climate…But i didn’t heard about the news in which he predicted the bad climate conditions for the Britain…So can you share the link for that news here so i can also see that…
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Absolutely yes, climate change make us sick, health organizations have triggers there alarms in this issues. Unhealthy diet can make you prone to any sickness. If you have strong foundation like healthy vegetarian habits,it makes you even more tolerable from climate change.

Unfortunately- yes because everything and everybody is united on this planet. Sooner or later all consequences of the disaster get in our bodies via water, air, food, etc.

which explains why people are having fatal health problems. What we breathe in is what we are consuming inside our bodies.

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Phew! Is it hot out there or what?

Anyway, if we want to cool down the planet, then we need to figure out a way to sequester all those CO2 emissions that cause global warming in the first place.

This might be a solution. Check out:

Hey LULZmouse! Thanx for trying to create awareness about regenerative organic farming. Here’s a really good article about that that I’ve come across. Check out: … 10854.html

Nice share @kalantai…. South Asia (the Himalayas) among worst affected areas in the world, but the real question is we are doing very little for it :cry: