Is anyone in my position?

That you love animals so much, you can eat them, and your family try to catch you out, and try to feed you meat?
Are you also around 15 thats a male, and get picked on about it because they think your gay about it?

Im 15 male, non gay, and get picked on about it and don’t like it, but I will never scooop to the level of eating meat EVER for the rest of my life.

i don’t have your exact problem, but i too am 15/female/united states. the most frustrating thing is not receiving any support because you are “too young”, but things do get better after time. and most people, although it doesn’t seem this way at first, can see your compassion and are affected by it. as long as you stay true, it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks about you. how long have you been vegan/vegetarian/ovo-lacto?

I became vegetarian at about 17-18, but my brother is younger than
me and and he became earlier, at about 12 years. And till now he is
vegetarian almost vegan. It was very difficult at start but later it
is much easier.

Ive been vegitarian for 1 year now, started at 13, but ate a lasgne cos i was tempted, but at 14 I completely became vegitarian, people didnt like it. My family dont either. But I will be a vegitarian, im a strong person and dont care how people see me, even my parents!

have you ever considered veganism? if you are strong, i think you could handle it, plus, it shows more compassion and determination to make a better world. (my opinion, i have been vegan for over a year and am starting the transition into living foodist)

But vegnism will be much more difficult, especially when living with unsporting parents.
Also you should always look after yourself, otherwise for every little illness they will say that it’s because of veganism. You should practice some sport, to be in shape, and take vitamin B12 and flax seed oil for Omeg-3 fatty acids (2 tbs/day is enough)

i do work out every day, and take all the necessary supplements to ensure health. i have not gotten sick since becoming vegan and don’t plan to anytime soon. it’s difficult without support, but far from impossible. you need a lot of self-motivation, but that comes with the compassion that makes you consider veganism, anyways. it’s not as hard as it would seem to be, after the first few months you barely notice that you are eating anything different at all. and from then on, it’s a straight path to “convert” others.

That’s a good thing to do. Becoming vegetarian when nobody supports you is the best way to develop a strong character. 8)

I am a 16 year old female from Iowa. Coming from a state built aroung the cow and hog industry, no one supports the fact that I am a vegetarian. I am a waitress that works at a small restaurant and it kills me! I’m around cut-up animals almost every day! I’m going to quit, though. But yes, I have been vegetarian for 9 months now, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Owning pet chickens and horses and turkeys has become greater because I know I’m at their level. The’re like brothers and sisters to me. But being a vegetarian takes its toll on me when it comes to society. I dress different than deemed “normal” by others. I wear what some call “goth” clothes although I don’t like to stereotype. I’m called a freak and a tree-hugger. I’ve even had raw meat thrown at me once. I got through, gained the tolerance of my parents, and living the way I want to. No one can change me. Veg for life! Don’t let anyone change you either.

i understand your position and i hope you give vent to your frustration
wisihng you all the best and i must say you are too young to think so seriously
just enjoy your life

i understand your problem and i agre with you
but you being young is the future of the country and the world
you can speak your mind out
it is always two ways , we pay respect elders but the elders should also respect our views , off course if your views are logical

As Sergio wrote, I was still 11 when I became vegetarian. And I had to fight my parents everyday.
After some time they gave up. My mother started to cook only vegetarian food. So she bacame vegetarian too in a way. :slight_smile: Now I’m 26, I’m vegan and I feel great. :wink:
So don’t give up. Usually only talented people that think deeper become vegetarian at a young age, so use your talent, develop yourself be better then all nonvegs around you.

Interesting love… i genuinely hope it was a mistake :slight_smile:

Does it mean that if I didn’t become vegetarian when I was young?
I have no talent and I think shallow?

Nah! :laughing: I’m sure we were both just preoccupied with other intelligent thoughts :smiley:

Why is it that most vegan teens has 1 common problem? Their families don’t allow them to be one… Poor teens, my advice to you is just follow your heart, do what ever you think is right and go go go… :smiley:

Becoming vegan is hard enough when your family supports you. I can’t imagine trying to do it without having good support at home.

I am much older than most of you and have finally (after a lifetime of being a carnivore) concluded that a vegan diet is the best diet for everyone. We would have less heart disease, diabetes and cancer if the entire world ate 100% fresh, plant-based foods.

The food industry is corrupt and in bed with the government. We are being told lies about the need to eat animal products in order to survive. As a result, we are the most obese and cancer-ridden nation on Earth. We have an epidemic of diabetes thanks to our pre-packaged, additive-laced, animal-based diet. The truth of all this is suppressed by a corrupt government that subsidizes the beef and dairy industry. The powers to be would - if they could - suppress our right to choose the best, healthiest diet possible.

The decision to become vegan at an early age is smart. I wish you all the best of luck and stand with you in your fight for smart nutrition choice. Be strong and committed. We need you to continue this fight.

My family was adamantly against me becoming vegetarian when i was younger. My father made me have blood tests done once a month for quite a while until he realized that the doctor was much more concerned with my mild acne than my not eating animal products. Even now after 10 years of not eating animals my mother refuses to accept that I’m healthy and I still cannot trust her to prepare any food for me.

Since going completely vegan ~9 months ago my mother has become more critical of me while my father has accepted it. I’m assuming that eventually my mother will come to her senses and realize that i don’t have an eating disorder.

Good luck Gobean… Hope your mom will soon understand what kind of diet you have chosen… And I congratulate you for convincing your dad that you are healthy…:wink:

Hi Gobean.
Wow! 10 years. That is kind of sad imho. It’s like my mother begging me to go finish university after 10 years when I have my own business and stuff. :slight_smile: Kind of crazy.

lol… Really Andy? Does your mom really want you to finish your studies?