Is a strict vegetarian diet healthier or is it not?

Is a strict vegetarian i.e. vegan diet healthier or is it not?

It depends, if people consume enough proteins, omega 3 and vitamins and makes smart choices it may be healthier.
But if the vegan eats lot of processed foods like margarine, processed starches and sweets along with over fried foods its no different than a normal American diet.

I think vegan diet is beneficial for the health. Also vegan diet have the all kinds of nutrients and vitamins which is needful for staying fit and fine.

So long as your are careful to get enough proteins, I think that it is a very healthy and beneficial lifestyle decision. With all of the processed and unhealthy and toxic things that we have at our disposal to put into our bodies, I don’t see how someone could argue the point that being vegan or vegetarian is unhealthy.

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Compared to my former omni diet, i think strict vegan diet is healthier… Veggies and fruits have contributed a lot in my diet. But like what jounderw said, you should watch your protein intake…

Vegetarian diet is healthier and also good for oral health.Whose people take vegetarian diet ,generally i see they don’t contact to dentists.So it is so good for oral health.
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This is very beneficial for I will not…

Every vegetables, grain and legume has some level of protein in it. You can get ALL your essential amino acids from either rice, beans or potatoes ( … d-get.html). That vegans somehow need to make sure they are getting enough protein is riduculous.

A wholefood vegan diet is THE healthiest diet that exists. Here are some resources: … -diet.html