I can’t take iron tablets. What are some good sources of iron? :albino:

The best source for Iron in vegan diet is here:

some quotes from there:

Hi :smiley:
I can’t take iron pills as well.
But I eat lots of mushrooms, dried fruits, and spinach. They’re great sources of iron.
I’m not so I also eat oysters.
Oyster is one of the greatest sources of iron and zinc! You can read benefits of oyster here
Besides, I also eat eggs, beef. They are all rich of iron :slight_smile: Don’t know if you’re a vegatarian or not, sorry if you are.

Dulse flakes have iron in them. They also contain a little bit of Vitamin B12. I use dulse flakes mainly as a substitute for salt to compliment certain cooked vegetables at dinner. I especially like them on peas and potatoes.

Blackstrap molasses is an excellent source of iron, but I don’t like the taste of it. Prunes are a good source of iron too. They’ll make you fart a lot though. – lol Apricots are supposed to be a good source of iron as well.

I usually add moringa and dragon fruit into my meals everyday to provide iron for my body. As some research, they are the excellent sources of vitamins and minerals specially iron. You may not know that 10% the RDI of dragon fruit is iron. This make dragon fruit become my most favourite nutritious fruit :smiley: . Actually, there are some articles showed the rich-iron qualities of moringa and dragon fruits. You can see the detail nutrition facts of them at
Hope they could be useful! :smiley: :smiley: