I am Keanu Smith. I have joined this forum because i found this very interesting and i really like to write about the health topics.

I would like suggest some later… see you soon.

Thanks and Regards… :smiley:

I am here to say hello to all of you people.I am Adam currently completing my studies.My degree is realted to the management and I want to become that VP or AVP of a recognized Financial Instition.Every one has his own define goals in life but my goal is some what differnt from others.Regarding my health,I am too week and recently joined the Gym to gain weight.I love to do skating,chatting and Jamming.I am a new member of this forum and I don’t know what you people think but I really fidn this site very useful for gaining plenty of Information.


I’m Alina and doing study on medicine. I choose to study medicine because my interest in medicine was growing up with me ever since I was a small child. Seeing people around me suffer encouraged me more.

Obviously this is my first attempt at a Munin theme and there is not a lot of other examples to emulate, so I may have done something horribly wrong. If you have questions or comments please use the comment form below to let me know about them.

hey hey!!! im new as well… im in high school so i feel very left out right now ;( haha but anyway i have been veggie for like 8 years now and vegan for almost 6 months. so ya 8)

Hello,i’m new here too.Let’s say welcome to ourselves. :flower:

Hi! Excited to get on the site. I’ve been vegan for 2 years and feel better than ever. Will never go back. Just catching on to the “Forum Fever!” :smiley:

Hello everyone,
I have just joined this online community. Feeling good to be a part of this online community.
Thanks :bounce: