Introducing the Vegan Travel Forum

Hi everyone.
This is a new forum that I thought might be really useful for many vegans.
I don’t know yet how to organize all the information in this forum? So any suggestions are welcome.

Till now I have only 3 ideas.
1.) is to create sub forums for every major city - there will be too many subforums and we might miss some cities.
2.) to create a sub forum for every country and in those sub-forums to create additional subforums for the major cities.
3.) To let the forum evolve on it’s own without creating any structure.

So what do you think?

I like this idea! I think it is best to organise this forum by country - that way people can recommend an interesting attraction or village outside the main cities. I’ve noticed that more people are driving around Europe (intead of flying or taking the train between cities), and ‘road-tripping’ seems to be popular in the USA :wink:

How should we call the subforums then?
For example
Vegans in UK
Vegan travel to UK
Being Vegan in UK

Hmm… I think I like “Being Vegan in the UK” best - then it can be used by travellers and new vegans too. :slight_smile:

I love travelling but I don’t have the means… Sometimes I just explore them by reading some information through the internet…

I’m not sure how to create or contribute to these sub-forums you speak of but I do want to say that I was recently in Barcelona where I ate at a vegan restaurant called Juicy Jones. The food was AMAZING!!
If ever you find yourself in Barcelona you must go there for supper.

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