Interview a vegan

Hello, I have recently become a vegan, and I have to do an informative speech for my class and I chose veganism as my topic. I thought it would be a bonus if I could include the perspectives of vegans with greater insight to the diet and the reasons why they choose to live by this diet. Please include a name to recognize you by.

  1. What does being vegan mean to you?
  2. How long have you been vegan?
  3. What was your main reason for becoming vegan?
  4. How has this diet affected your health?
  5. Did you have any initial concerns while transitioning to a vegan life-style? If so, what were they?
  6. Many people are concerned with not meeting their daily protein intake on a vegan diet. Does this affect you? what would you say to these people if attempting to convince them otherwise?
  7. Is the vegan lifestyle difficult to maintain?
  8. How do you go about eating out?
  9. What do your family/friends say about your choice to be vegan?
    Thank you. :flower: