In honor of...

In honor of World Vegan Month I think anyone who is vegan should try doing something inconvenient, mildly disagreeable or just completely detestable for a week. Whether that means shopping at a store that isn’t close to you, not swearing, not having sex, watching a show that makes you CRINGE, or talking to someone you would have otherwise murdered had you not been afraid of getting caught and going to jail. For people who chose to be vegan on their own, the decision is easy. If we want to get people who don’t naturally agree with that stance we should try and put ourselves in a position of relative significance so that we may better understand the whats, whys, hows, ifs, ands, buts, cants, wonts etc of not going vegan.

If anyone does decide to do this, I would love to know what you decided to give up or do for a week. I swear like a fucking pirate so I am going to go with the not swearing for a week…starting now.

How this will help promoting veganism?

It wouldn’t. It was more of an exercise in understanding the opposition. If most people aren’t passionate about animal welfare and therefore do not see eating meat as wrong or unethical, going vegan would be an incredible and difficult nuisance. By abstaining from something that is part of your nature for a week, something that you would rather not go without, you could hopefully gain some perspective on how most people feel about veganism. As a result, you may be better qualified to deal with criticism or excuses.