I'm new to being vegan

I’m new to being vegan and I have a few questions. First off is what all foods is considered animal biproducts? I know milk, meat, and such is, but what about honey, ect? I also want to know about some good vegan recipes. I’m a big fan of sour and/or spicy foods. in addition, is beer considered vegan? I enjoy dark beers and ale. Finally i want to ask about ways to make being vegan cheaper. Is there a way to buy veggie burgers and such online and ordered? And will it be cheaper then going to your local store?

Thanks in advance for those post.

I personally do not eat honey - I feel the farming of bees for large human populations is wrong, and again, you really just don’t need to eat it. There are great fruits and alternatives to honey that are vegan. There are quite a few types of beer/wine/spirits that are vegan. There are plenty that are not however. Wine often uses egg or fish or milk product. Beer production can often use bone in the filtering process. I am not sure where you live but there are listings of products on the web that will outline which brands and products are vegan friendly.
You can pretty much buy everyting on line these days. Depending on where you live again there should be quite a lot of services that you could consider. Supermarkets often have online shopping if this is what you are after? The best thing in my opinion however is to learn to make your food from fresh whole ingredients.

i am new to being vegan as well. i still give into temptation sometimes but most of the time i do not eat meat, fish, eggs, or dairy. i have honey in my apartment but i am going to get rid of it. i have found that agave necter works just as well. for cheap fruits and veggies, i go to a place called produce junction. you can get 2lbs of broccoli for $2. i think it is nation wide. i have to do more research about where they get their produce but it doesnt look like the genetically modified massive produce in the grocery stores. it looks like fruits and veggies should look. i also go to trader joe’s. it is an organic food store that sells lots of vegan products at a reasonable price. it is not expensive like whole foods. as for recipies, i dont really follow them. if you like spicy foods, i suggest stocking up on curry, tumeric, chili powder, and cumin. sometimes i just cook up some veggies and whole grains with them and i love it. balsamic vinegar works as well which would appeal to your love of sour things.

Hey I’m also new to being vegan, I have found the cheapest way to live a vegan lifestyle is simply by preparing my own food, try making veggie burgers instead of buying them, some of the stuff on the market is crazy expensive, you can make delicious hearty vegan meals for half the price it would cost you to buy them!! I just created a vegan food blog and i’m posting all my recipes there, it called Kait’s Inside Dish!

I’ve been vegetarian for about 18 months & looking to go vegan. I’m finding it really hard to find substitute products (i’m in Australia) & the supermarkets here don’t really accommodate vegetarians that well, let alone vegans! I had a look at your blog Kait & i’m really liking some of the recipes. The Mediterranean inspired Stuffed Pita Pockets look delicious! thank you for taking the time to share your recipes.

Some of the best ways I’ve found for making veganism cheaper is by making homemade mock meat products, such as sausages, tempeh bacon, seitan. By buying the Vital Wheat Gluten Flour, you can use it for a variety of recipes and have an ample and cheap supply on hand. Also, marinating your own tempeh to make “bacon” saves a lot of money too. I have found that some things are cheaper to buy online, but usually only if you order a decent amount to account for shipping costs. It’s a good resource for vegan soup bases and vegan snacks. However, if you can find one store that carries an alright amount of vegan foods, I think you can make do with that. I’ve found that after cooking and experimenting with different recipes, you learn quickly how to use the foods around you to make great vegan meals!! Good luck!!