im confused

im going to be honest i eat meat. im interested in knowing more about your guys cause and the reasons behind it. id like be able to have a respectful debate about this.

For me it is a moral/ethical choice. Given the fact that most of the American animal based diet comes from factory farms and given the level of abuse, mistreatment, exploitation and flat out cruelty that occurs in factory farms, I feel that I can’t, with a clear conscience, support such practices by eating meat or other animal products. Animal welfare is something I care deeply about. I don’t think you can pick and chose which animals deserve humane treatment and respect. If you have ever felt a bond with an animal or helped an animal that was suffering in any way, how can you not care about food animals too? Much like the idea between equality of people- one race or ethnicity doesn’t deserve more of a moral consideration over another- so can be said with animals.

Don’t be confused. By nature we are meat eaters. Our gaze directed in front and not to the sides as sheep. We began eating meat then learned to cook. Our brains became significantly larger and we took our place atop the food chain. Now we are able to choose not to eat meat despite it’s evolutionary advantages. We can make a moral decision for something different. Or, we can keep eating meat as nature designed us. Your call.

how do you guys feel about hunting? i don’t eat meat that i haunt harvested myself and make sure that i kill with the least amount of pain possible. a sad fact of nature is that prey animals almost never die of “old age” so when i kill and eat a rabbit i don’t feel bad because i know that the rabbit will be used compleatly and died a lot better than it would have from a fox, eagle, starvation, or disease. hunting groups such as ducks unlimited are also the biggest contributor to wildlife habitat in the whole country. i know you think we are all bad but id like to think I’m thinking logically.

I hunt and eat meat also. Don’t like eatin meat that’s all penned up in each others poop and sickness. Usually I have enough for huntin season ta feed my family all year. Then again the vegs ya buy at the store aint fit ta eat sometimes either.

first of all, thank you for asking, most of the time people say “I dont want to know”
my reason is factory farming, and that we dont need to eat meat, it is not healthy, or natural.
you might want to watch a video on youtube called 101 reasons to be vegan. i really learned a lot.

Here’s my point of view:

Anything that’s not necessary, is not good. Many of us nowadays have the opportunity to become a vegan/vegetarian, but we did not, either because the thought never came up, or we can’t resist the temptation of a hotdog, or some other reason. Whatever the problem may be, as long as it’s possible to overcome it, i.e. craving for flavor of meat, then one should make the moral and healthy choice of becoming a vegan or vegtarian. But if it’s something that cannot be dealt with, such as one’s job, environment etc., then it shouldn’t be considered wrong… at least not completely wrong. In other words, as long as one is free to make the decision to become vegan/vegetarian, one should make that decision. In this world, there are people who aren’t able to decide, like people who do heavy manual work, or people who live in cold places where vegetables do not grow. For those people, they are less guilty when they eat meat; but for people who have a choice, they are are truly cruel and inhumane.