If you're Vegan, can you drink Kopi Luwak?

I have a business of coffee selling and I was just curious to know, can vegetarian people drink Kopi Luwak coffee? The fact is, it is made from Cat’s poop. But if you see it logically, the coffee cannot be seen as a non vegetarian. So, what do you all think? If given a chance, will you drink it? :unamused:

I wonder why some vegans would find this coffee “disgusting” when common variety vegetables which they find so delicious, especially organic ones are often fertilized with manure and when harvested are just as if not more covered in crap and dirt as those coffee beans? Besides, as far as I can ell, none of this coffee has ever been recalled because of contaminants while the most commonly recalled foods are “clean” Western grown or processed vegetables and fruits. I mostly prefers it from “catsasscoffee” since many days.