I need help with a huge mouse problem!

My husband and I and our companion animals live in a semi-rural area crawling with field mice. The first year we lived here we saw the occasional mouse inside but didn’t have many problems with them, but this year their population has exploded and they are all over the house. I have a humane trap called a tip trap. I’ve caught many mice with this and relocated them by driving like 5 miles away and releasing them. I’ve also tried herbal repellents both store bought and peppermint oil cotton swabs. None of this is even making a dent in the population. It’s really bad. They’re making us all sick and we’re at our wits end. I don’t know what to do?! I could never live with myself if I killed them, but I can’t have them infesting my house. We lock every little scrap of food up (both human and pet food) so they can’t get into them. I sweep daily so no crumbs linger on our floor. I wipe down counters etc so there’s no temptation of any kind of food. What else can I do to get rid of them (humanely of course)?? :cry:

Mice and other critters sometimes enter human homes to escape the cold or for food.

When I had cats, they kept the problem under control.

But in the end, they have a right to live too, as you state. Traditionally, farmers and others stored food such as grains some distance from the home (when practical) and the mice had a place they’d rather be.

For me, I really never minded seeing a few around. My wonderful dog Jacob actually made friends with a field mouse that took up residence in our apartment in the middle of town! When people see a stray dog or cat, they often invite them into their home for food and shelter. Why not allow the same for a mouse?

A trick some folks use is to spread used kitty litter around the outside of the house…it takes just a small amount to defer mice. We used to do this around our gardens to keep rabbits out.


“Humane killing” has always struck me as a bit of an oxymoron.

Far more disease is spread by humans and factory farming than all the mice in the world. What crime do they commit that warrants capital punishment?

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We found a couple nests in our walls when we were remodeling our kitchen. We got rid of them and patched up some holes in the walls where they were getting in and out of but they just started building nests in other parts of our home. :frowning: I’m really at a loss. I’d like to come up with a solution besides killing them. I wish I could get a cat, but my dogs don’t like cats.

Thanks both for the advice. Hopefully someone else can come up with something creative for me.


I don’t “own” my dogs. I adopted them from the shelter and Yes, my dogs are vegan. I feed them a healthy vet approved homemade diet. Now, can we please get back to the topic? Does anyone else have any suggestions please?