I need help translating a bit of an interview!

Hi :slight_smile: I’m new here. I’m from Argentina and vegetarian for over 2 years, and learning recepies and gathering nutritional information to become a vegan.

So, I found a great video, which is actually an excerpt from a full dvd, that contains an interview (“a day in the life” type…) with a canadian RAW VEGAN BODYBUILDER. I find this video really great to share with people that have so many prejudices on the veg nutrition! So what I am doing is translating the english audio to spanish subtitles, so I can share it with the spanish speaking people I know. The thing is, there are some small parts where I don’t understan what he says, in part because he speaks a bit fast (for me…) and in part because he referrs to complex themes like amonoacidas and stuff like that, so I don’t get the idea of what he is saying. I think any native english-speaking person will understan this parts easily, So I’m asking if anyone has a few minutes to watch the parts of the video I can’t understand and write them down (in english), so, with a written transcription it will be easier for me to translate that to spanish :slight_smile:

Any help appreciated!!