I hope I can be worth 15 seconds of your time,

My name is Brianna and I have been vegetarian going on four years. I am currently vegan and I’m loving every second of it. I’d be willing to give my life for a helpless animal. I protest at KFCs, McDonald’s, etc.

Actually, last night my mother and I went shopping, I came back with hummus, and I saw my mom drinking chocolate milk. Once I approached her, she said “Mmm, this is good milk.” After hearing this, at once I said “Hmm, I hope drinking the cow’s pus is worth it.” At once, she put the milk back. Although she didn’t pay for her sip of milk, I am proud of her. (I hope no one bought that milk)

My wish is for everyone reading this, is to vote for me. You see, I am running for Peta2’s Cutest Vegetarian and I need EVERY vote I can get to stay in the top five. If I win, I will receive a professional photshoot and I will be in my VERY OWN Peta2 ad. (Something of which I’ve wanted to do since my birth of vegetarianism. I may only be 16, but please don’t underestimate me. I plan on making an impact on the world. Even if it’s small, my wish will be granted. But I need your help. You see, if I win, I will not only be in my very own Peta2 ad, but that will be the the beginning of my start to teach the world. Though, I’ve already begun.

Please just follow the link below and tell me if you’ve voted. I will do everything in my power to return the favor.


Please, and thank you.


What your mother did, and what you encourage her to do is obnoxious and rude as well as technically being theft. It does not surprise me that a person like you is drawn to an organization that openly admits to funding eco terrorism. Protesting outside KFC and McDonalds is an invasion of space and intentional creating an awkward environment for the innocent patrons of those outlets. if they wish to learn about vegetarianism they will do it themselves. From what you have said you are shaping up to be the reason most normal people steer clear of vegans.

Sounds harsh and I’m sorry for that but it’s true.

Wowy that is some nasty reply to make to your mother.

Great teacher you will be, somebody like Pol Pot or Stalin is my guess.

What should be food intake, this is the best.

I agree. People should not be forced into something because of another’s opinions. That’s equal to Christians preaching on the street coner. Everyone is entitled to his/her beliefs. All the protesting has created a bad image for vegetarians. When I say I am vegetarian, people look at me like I’m crazy, like I’m going to spew off 800 things that happened at the slaughterhouse to their lunch. Learn how to be passionate, but also considerate of others beliefs. Don’t be pushy, you’ll just create more haters.

“When I say I am vegetarian, people look at me like I’m crazy, like I’m going to spew off 800 things that happened at the slaughterhouse to their lunch.”

actually there is nothing wrong with talking about what happens in slaughterhouses , to other non veg people. Talking saves lifes, even when the first response of non veg people is that of a person not knowing how to react. (because mentally they know that what we say is true, but they are ruled by their stomach.)

Another thing is like the “i hope i can be worth 15 seconds of your time” girl, who thinks she is the coolest person on Planet Earth by being extremely rude and arrogant to her mother.

Don’t let’s fall for the trap that we vegs shouldn’t talk about what happens to animals just because it upsets the meateaters.
If WE don’t talk, NOBODY talks, and consequently the meateaters can go on eating meat and pretending they don’t know.

I think it’s OK to talk about the treatment of animals in slaughter houses, but it’s NOT cool to do it obnoxiously. We should respect other people’s opinions even if we don’t agree, because that can make them prejudiced against vegans/vegetarians.

Yeah, let’s not make the meat-eaters too uncomfortable.

If you read that a rapist stated his belief that rape was natural and part of nature, would you hold back your criticism.? After all, they have a right to their views, no?

Instead of worrying about being polite to those who support cruelty to non-human animals, how about considering the feelings and suffering of those animals?

That was disrespectful and rude. IMO, being respectful and polite, nice, etc to your Mother, and other people etc, is more important in God’s eyes than saving and animal. Why do you think cows give milk? Of course it is for their calve too, but look back through scripture. God had people eat meat, and think of all the animal sacrifices that took place. God had them do that too. Don’t you think, that if animals were more important than humans, that God would not have had them do that? If it is right in God’s eyes, than I’ll do it, and as far as I know, he didn’t say, “don’t eat meat because it is cruel.” A little meat for thought.