I am a New Member from Nigeria

i am a new member from Nigeria. Permit me to introduce myself. I am an agriculturist and I work with farmers in a remote village here.Most farmers are peasant and very poor. but they are hard working and willing to go up from poverty.

i am currently undertaking a pet project with these poor rural people on commercializing water melon(Citrullus lanatus) to improve their income and also to help boost nutrition and food security.Last year, the former state government discovered that the area was good enough for this fruit. but the government is ousted now and we would love to undertake the project as people-oriented project.These group of farmers are very interested and willing to learn how to grow this new crop in the area I would like to welcome suggestions from the forum on how to do this with little or no outside budget at all

Thanks for posting! Its a shame that this forum is basically dead!