Human Baby Parts in Medicines and Cosmetics

Did you know that in an article entitled “Cecil The Lion, Fire of Molech, Dr. Mengele, and Planned Parenthood” posted on written by Pastor Chuck Baldwin, that "a variety of products commonly consumed in the United States contain aborted fetal material, including spices and seasonings from the Ajinomoto Company; refrigerated coffee creamers from the Nestle Company; and Maggi brand instant soups, bouillon cubes, ketchups, sauces, seasoning, and instant noodles. The Neocutis Company uses aborted baby material in their anti-aging skin creams.
"A host of vaccines contain aborted baby material, including MMR II for measles, mumps, and rubella (Merck); ProQuad: MMR plus Chickenpox (Merck); Varivax for Chickenpox (Merck); Havrix for Hepatitis A (Glaxo SmithKline); Twinrix for Hepatitis A and B combo (Glaxo); Zostavax for shingles (Merck); Imovax for rabies (Sanofi Pasteur); Acambis 1000 for Smallpox (Acambis); etc.

"See the report here.

“Also see this report here.” … human-lif/

Link to Pastor Baldwin’s article:

This to me is simply more than outrageous; it is downright unconscionable and needs to be stopped. Even vegetarians and vegans should avoid these products. Respect for all life which Francis of Assisi fervently believed begins with that of the lesser creatures shows that we do not respect the lives of the lesser creatures we certainly are not respecting the lives of the lesser human creatures the unborn human babies.

I do not agree with Pastor Baldwin’s opinion on animals as of course he is a hunter but as one who respects all sentient life as did Francis of Assisi I must agree with him on the subject of abortion which should not be permitted either in humans or animals nor should we consume products made of unborn human babies. To do so makes us cannibals.