How would you improve the vegan lifestyle?

Hey everyone! We are new to this group. Our names are Doug and Leah. We are starting a brand new all vegan website. Our company is called The Little Vegan Co. We want to serve you better! We feel vegans need a place to go to connect with other vegans, get stable amazing consistent products at great prices and be able to post and share things, and get education. We would focus on solving all the issues vegans face on a day to day basis, making their lives better and possibly attracting more folks to consider going vegan. 90% of vegetarians in the USA said they would go vegan if there were better food products available. We want to make it easierto GO VEGAN!!! We are passionate about this and would love your help! We have added a link for a survey. This is for research purposes only and your info will NEVER be shared with anyone under any circumstances. Thank you so much for taking a couple minutes to help improve the awesome vegan lifestyle!

Vegan Survey

i feel the best way to convert others is slowly, and patiently without insulting meat eaters.
thats how i was convinced by my best friend.

we eat out often, and she never criticise me but stick to her vegan meals, over many meals and conversation i understand more and i slowly adapt to her diet.
now i am here trying to learn more so i can turn my household slowly into vegan too!