How to save more animals.

It is good thing to entertain your not veggie friends, offering them veggie food, it will not only save animals this time, but also will oblige your friends to offer you dishes next time. And they will offer also veggie stuff (otherwise you’ll not eat it :slight_smile: ) In such way, you also make publicity for veggie food.

And what if they will buy you nonveggie food?
He will have to eat all of it himself.
And may be they will buy for you more meat then you saved when you bought him veggie food.

What people think of it?

And it will start to be bored with that nonveggie stuff.

You should know whom to entertain :slight_smile:

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I think most people are pretty polite when it comes to entertaining vegetarians. My friends are anyway. They always make sure to have vegetarian food on hand. Sometimes it’s not the best food, but they try :slight_smile:

And whenever I invite my family over for dinner, they always really enjoy having a vegetarian meal (despite the fact that they are all die-hard meat eaters). Occasionally I will show up at their place with dinner so they can eat something a little healthier that isn’t loaded with meat. As a matter of fact I might do that tonight :smiley:


And so they become more accustomed with vegetarian food. After while, they’ll start to understand that it is possible to be satiated without meat.

I encourage people to use vegan make up and toiletries - even meat eaters can see the sense in that!

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It’s a nice Idea.
I will try to entartain my coworkers with vegie food. :slight_smile:
I will write the results here :slight_smile:

Even if they won’t entartain me back they will eat less meat after eating a lot of nice veg food. And if they like it they will eat it again alone.

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Amazing Ideas sharing vegie food

Saving more animals-

I don’t know about everyone but I did get a couple of my friends to reduce their meat consumption to once a week by talking to them. It was a slow process that took me months to convince them though.

Here’s What I did

  1. Since I am a vegan, I started off by sharing recipes of really yummy vegan foods and made some of them when they were around. I ordered the best vegetarian food in restaurants and purposely chose those restaurants that had some great Veg food everytime we went out.

  2. I was sly to slip out any references to animal cruelty that I’d read about when we visited pet shops and parks.

  3. Since my friends are dog lovers, it was easy to use references of animal rights and how dogs and other animals were being mistreated in animal farms.

  4. I started working out and turned to a full vegan, healthy, high protein diet and it attracted them to follow my lifestyle to get a killer body.

Finally, I’ve managed to convince them to cut down meat from their diet to only once a week (mostly Sundays). But it’s still an ongoing task to reduce the consumption of other animal products.