How to cure the disease.

I have been suffering a problem from some days.My child’s age is 5 years.He feels pain in his throat.Sometimes He is suffering from Fever.Maximum times he cries for this.
I can not get good cure for this.
Please advise me that how to cure it.

Hello anju,
I saw your problem facing a disease.I think the problem is in your blood.You can be free from pain maintaining some rules for food and bathing.I have read a very good article about sore here is the link you can get more information from that
hope you will feel better soon.
I think it would be solution for you.

Your baby discomfort is caused by sores in his mouth than by a throat infection of viruses.Give your baby a few sips of chicken broth which can help to fight again viruses. And also few sips of tea with lemon juice. Give him some pain relievers.