How to boost traffic to this site


FYI, I found this to be very useful: … hp/2167931

And this:

Any specific ideas on how to do it?
For an instance if you search vegan talk in google is the first but it is still not popular for some reason. :frowning:

It doesn’t come up when searching “vegan forum” or “vegan webboard”…the other popular ones do.

I would read the link I originally posted.

You have to work at it, announce the existence of the board everywhere you are welcome to.

Doing something different would help.

Too many webboards are either too restrictive or too permissive.

There is no software out there that is starting to put more filtering power in the hands of the users to let them do it themselves.

I think that combined with a LOT of grass roots advertising will help.

Do you know where we can anounce this forum?
Any tips and ideas are very appreciated.

I just read that article… It advices to spend $300 on yahoo.
Personally I think it’s a lot of money and the article is already 1 year old.
Is yahoo still an authority that can improve our traffic?

It also advises other things…

Just having conversations on your site, even if you start them yourself can help.

For example, my original post in this thread was months ago.

If you put time and effort into promoting your site, you will succeed and you will not have to spend a ton of money.

The first link directs to a page that is entierly about meta tags… which is strange because it starts with this:


The first thing exercise instructors tell overweight clients is that

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You have to work at it, consistenly.

Either you want it to happen ( and you will work at it, find ways, etc… ) or you don’t

well i think mouth publicity will also work very well
as i find this forum one of the best i will also tell my friends to join the forum
What say?

It’s a great idea bluefin!

[size=150]I have advertised and in a vegetarian and vegan group in Care2 Connect at Care2 Connect has 5 million members, although not all are vegetarian or vegan :slight_smile: Let’s hope it brings more traffic to the websites.[/size]

And what would you get from that personally?

He he he, healthy skepticism is good.

If you visited the site I mentioned you would see that there is no money involved whatsoever. All I will get is the satisfaction of advertising a site that I think is useful to a community of people who might be interested. It is the same thing as you telling your friends about this site - although you wouldn’t have anyone questioning your motives. :laughing:

Actually I was curious to see how would you react to my question, not to find out the answer itself :laughing:

Word of the mouth is the nicest way… I love telling friends and relatives about this site and my aunts are fond of visiting this forum.