How The animals Feel About Death of Justice Scalia

It is time to allow the animals to speak on what they feel about the death of Supreme Court Justice Antoni Scalia. Although this nation’s people speak highly of the great work this justice did in interpreting the Constitution these same people would have no idea how the animals felt nor would they even care about Justice Scalia’s death.
Justice Scalia did no justice to the animal kingdom. When not in the courtroom pursuing his personal “hobbies” he was a bitter enemy to the animals in the wild. I am quite sure he bragged as hunters usually do about his hunting pursuits in which he murdered probably hundreds of poor helpless animals to satisfy the lowest of carnal and bane instincts found in mankind.

We who speak for those who cannot speak say the animals today are rejoicing in front of that hunting ranch where Justice Scalia died, saying “good riddance you animal murderer, we have one less of those who desire to murder us”. If you think what we say here is obnoxious and offensive, then put you self in these animals’ shoes and you could not utter one word of disagreement. According to divine law, the supreme law of God’s Universe animals DO HAVE RIGHTS–the right to be here (implied) and the right to humane treatment (actually stated). Maybe Justice Scalia understood human or natural law applied to man, but sadly he knew nothing about divine law governing God’s creation.

As much as St. Francis loved the Roman Catholic Church he would definitely boycott the funeral mass that will be celebrated over Justice Scalia. St. Francis strove so hard to get the Church to accept his compassionate teachings regarding God’s creation and as such the Church does a huge dishonor in not doing so.

And isn’t fitting the Justice died in a hunting lodge which speaks volumes of his contempt for our wildlife. Yes today the animals are celebrating while the people are mourning. Even justice eventually comes to the animal kingdom.