How much is the effect of alcohol on my fitness level?

I am an athlete and I play pro basketball at my local club. I also am an occasional jogger and love to play other sports as well. But occasionally I go out on weekends and consume alot of alcohol. Im talking about beer, rum, tequila, vodka, and many other kinds! I dont get to the state of getting drunk, because I usually stop when I feel like Im getting there. I know that alcohol cant be good in any form, but I just would like to know what kind of damage are we talking about here? I have an almost perfect fitness level according to recent tests, but I wasnt consuming much alcohol then as well.

Now Im planning to take a vacation and I KNOW that ill be drinking alot, therfore I would like to know what are the given consequences if any with regards to my fitness level.

Thanks for the input.

The primary reason why alcohol has a negative effect on your fitness is the factor called dehydration. Dehydration makes it hard for the body to efficiently work (hence, you don’t feel very good) and you end up with a hangover. This will result in a loss in strength, stamina, and the effectiveness of your over all workout. So if you want to be the best that you can be, (like before a big game) then you need to stay away from alcohol, especially the night before.

If it “works,” you won’t know! That is the nature of the placebo effect.

Conversely, if it doesn’t work, this may be a clue that you have received a placebo rather than an active drug, but not always, for the simple fact that even “real drugs” don’t always produce the desired result in all candidates or buy generic campral.