How I stay in shape the best I can

I am from india , When I was 26 years old, I did have oral surgery to have my palate widened. I had a massive stroke. I could not talk, read or write anything or eat. They put a stomach tube in & I had a Tracheotomy.

Dr. hironmoysil saved my life. He said I would 50 % 50 that I would die or I would be a vegetable. . I wished that I could talk and I would have told Dr. hironmoysil off. That’s when I thought that I was going get better.
You would half to know how I was brought up. I was 5’ 11” giant and I always had everything done perfect. All the girls from work called me P.P.P. That means Perfect Pretty Pam. I also was mean & I cussed a lot
I had 6 weeks in the hospital & they called an ambulance to take me to Oak Forest Hospital for rehabilitation. I did not like this place, but I stayed there for 6 weeks. I had Occupational & Physical Therapy, Speech & I did have to go to a Physiatrist. I could speak a couple of words. I had to learn how to walk and talk and do everything. I can not use my right arm so I do everything with my left arm.
My family stuck by me through thick and thin. I thank them for it.
I went and did my therapies on and off for about 6 years and then I went to college for the first time. I was going to be a physical therapist. That lasted for 1 year. I wanted to party instead of doing the work.
Now 22 years later I cut the grass with one hand, weed and babysit my Nieces kids, the little girl is 5 and the little boy is 4. That takes a lot out of me. I am not skinny like I was. But I am pretty perfect.

Hello! Thank you for sharing your story, Nice to meet you.