How do you like your chicken?

Alive (while you eat it’s giblets)?

I prefer to eat their feet while they live so I can see the looks on their faces :smiley:

At least get some subtlety to your trolling like I do.


You are funny ! I want it to be brown and hot!

Who has tried the KFC double…good god it was amazingly good!

Do they grow chicken meat in a lab I heard?

If they do then science has taken hue leaps forward in Chicken creation technology.

I’m stickin to my chicken flavour crisps.

You need to try the real deal!

I can’t say I’ve actually had chicken feet.

I have, I didn’t like them but I dooo looooove chook!

I like my chickens free, smart, armed and with teeth - and as a result armed to the teeth :smiley:
Oh and I also like them dancing and frolicking through the fields - and possibly fiords.
Only cause I like fiords.
That’ll learn yah to try and eat 'em.

Fail troll is fail.

Or perhaps he’s making a joke. Did that cross your mind at all? Even for a second?

No, it’s neither a joke nor a troll.
Today he is eating chickens.
Tomorrow he will start eating his dogs.
Then, his cats.
Then, he will start killing and eating his friends, then family.

Now, how do I like my chicken?
As for me, I like my chicken to be HAPPY.

I like mine roasted, perhaps there is a correlation between eating chook and getting jokes. Eh, we’ll never know :slight_smile:

Not at all funny!!

how childish. :dontknow: :protest: