How do you like new design?

How do you like the new design and all changes in general?

Much cleaner, nicer look by far!.

However, once I logged in I got the old look back

That’s because in your profile you have the old design selected.
You can go to profile and choose vegan style.
Tell me if it works pls.

I figured out that I have to switch the default design in my profile, and so I did. It works alright.
But as I said, unlike on any other forum, I get logged out the very moment I close the page, or even if I simply open it again from my bookmarks. Even though I always mark ‘always keep me logged in’. :confused:

Bojster, was it allways like this.
Or is it a recent problem?

Hey Everybody!
Great Design!
I like it a lot! It’s more suitable for a vegan community.

Bojster, did you notice if the site name changes from to when you get logged off?

  1. It was always like that.
  2. It’s always, both when I start the page and when I log in. Now that you mentioned it, I tried opening and I’m logged in! I have no idea how it happened, but I won’t count my soybeans just yet, I’ll see if it still works after a few hours.
  3. Of course I meant “log me automatically on each visit” checkbox.

Bojster, let us know If you still have problems.
We will try to do something about this.

It works fine now, I updated my bookmarks to use :slight_smile:


I love the new emoticons! Good stuff!
Keep it coming!