Today I looked at the jar of honey and wondered. Okay what about insects. Is honey a yes or a no. Since bee hives are collapsing all over the US, farming them might just be the only way they can survive.
What are your thoughts.

Most strict vegans (including myself) do not eat honey because the bees it comes from are farmed in unnatural habitats and the honey that they create for themselves is taken by the farm owners. To me, this is considered a form of cruelty to the bees and therefore I do not eat honey.

As an aside, if you are a strict vegan or want to be one, be sure to check all food labels for honey. Honey is in many things that you wouldn’t expect do contain honey (most wheat breads, some crackers/cookies, etc…).

I hope this was helpful!

It is a no for me.
In my view, farming has been a great cause of environmental collapse as well as being destructive to many natural cycles. Small exceptions exist with vegan permaculture.

your ans is :NO!!!

I don’t eat honey but it really isn’t a big issue for me. I mean, i want to seperate the real big issues like factory farming (24-7 obscene cruelty) from minor issues like honey or white sugar…