Holistic, green vegan!

I am seeing a lot of inspirational people and topics in this veg forum, so I decided to join.
I am vegan from 2000. I become one because of ethical reasons. Later my veg commitments lead me into environmental thinking and green interests. I am very passionate about the seeing the big picture and not only saving animals but honoring the whole planet as a living organism.
When we care about animals, we must also care of all the living things and life systems. Like avoiding pollution, making green household, cosmetic, organic food choices ourselves. When we do so, we really care about animals because the ocean, rivers, jungle, forests, meadows are their home. Every unconscious action like use of hazardous chemicals in our own daily life or the non caring consumerism supporting planet depleting actions, lead to the suffering of animals and people, too.
Therefore I am doing my best to spread the message to be earth conscious. I also have a site where my focus is more on holistic, green health but it is very much inspired from being vegan and seeing this deep connection of everything what happens in the world.
I am looking forward to exchange views and ideas with you all!

If you tell me how to add picture, I will do!