High Calorie Vegan Foods to Gain Weight

While making changes in your diet, make sure you include foods that are not only high in calories but also have some nutritional value to it. Hence, following are some of the nutritious high calories foods that may help you gain weight in a healthy way.

Fruits and Fruit Juices: Fruits and fruits juices are the most calorie dense foods that can help you to pack on those extra pounds. In comparison to vegetables, fruits comprise of simple carbohydrates that have more calorie density and so are more effective in gaining weight. Moreover, drinking a glass of orange juice provides 160 calories while eating an orange offers only 60 calories. Hence, drinking fruit juice daily can serve you better than just eating the fruit.

Starch Rich Foods: Whole grains, pasta, cereals, beans, potatoes and rice can be great foods for putting on weight as they contain complex carbohydrates or starches and also hold higher calorie densities. In fact, a standard serving of pasta comprises approximately 800 - 1000 calories.

Nuts: Nuts or dried fruits especially walnuts and cashews, besides helping in lowering cholesterol levels in the body, also aid in gaining weight. Whether eaten roasted or just in their normal form, nuts being high in calories and fat (healthy mono-unsaturated fats) can serve as a great food for quick weight gain.

Actually a 2 oz serving, which is a standard serving of pasta is only 210 calories. Straches in and of themselves don’t cause weight gain. Instead, it’s all the fatty sauces made With cheese and butter which do.

Best way to put on weight? Lots of fat, but healthy vegan fats found in nuts, nut butters, avacodoes, seeds.

Lol, I can attest to high fat intake putting on extra pounds. I ate lots of peanut butter cups, high butterfat icecream, and potato chips back in the day. I don’t eat like that now, but, alas, my middle aged metabolism hangs on to those extra pounds… Argh. Here’s hoping a vegan diet with its healthier fats, will aid me in weight loss…

That’s a nice tip you have snog… My hubby is so skinny he needs some of your tips… lol! I keep lots of nuts in a jar and lots of potatoes in the fridge for fried potatoes for him to eat lots of fats…

very informative article about gain weight…
thanks for share that with us.

When I turned vegan 3 years ago I’ve lost 18 pounds and I would like to gain at least 11of them back, I eat a lot of fruit, cereals, nuts, drink juices but my weight is still the same

Vegan dark chocolate can be a game changer. As well, I will try to eat calories dense fruits, such as bananas, mango, oranges, ete. Throwing a couple bananas and mango into a shake with peanut butter is an excellent way to get calories :slight_smile:.

Gaining weight means having calories as mush as you can. The information which has been shared here regarding the to gaining weight is completely informative but apart from that you can have banana with the milk which will help you to give you approx. 208 calories. Along with that you can add potato content foods in your daily diet like potato chips, potato salad and potato pancakes, this will help you to gain you approx. 400 above calories.

In order to gain weight, you can try to use raisins. Not unlike other dried fruits, raisins are good for gaining weight in a healthy way.

Thanks to richness in fructose and glucose, raisins may provide people enough energy.

As a result, they may foster appetite and make people gain weight naturally.

That’s why raisins can be an important part of diet for athletes and body builders – ones who always need great source of energy.

Additionally, raisins may stimulate to absorb foods effectively.

Click this link to know more benefits of raisins: wikihomenutrition.com/raisins-health-benefits/

If you are a vegan and want to gain weight there are various alternatives for high calories food such as sweet potatoes, avocado, quinoa, beans, lentils, and dry fruits that contain high grams of carbohydrates and fiber. Along with carbohydrates and fiber, protein plays a major role in weight and muscle gain. For the requirement of vegan protein, you can include plant-based food supplements like Acai berry powder and Marine Phytoplankton Powder from Optimally Organic. These food supplements are completely vegan sources of protein with a whopping 50% of protein. On the other hand, Acai berry Supplements fat-burning properties and helps you to gain lean muscles.