High Calorie 'on-the-go' Vegan Diet?

Hello all, I’m new to the forum and have started on a vegan diet a few months ago. As my father and I decided to go on this diet together, I’ve had his support in being a professional chef and having him prepare a great majority of my meals. However, as life moves on, his commitment to this diet is wavering and I need to find a way to maintain sustenance, not being a very skilled cook myself. I lead a fairly busy lifestyle, working full-time and going to college. I’m looking to add a work out regime to my already hectic schedule, and need to drastically increase my caloric intake to around 3500.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks that would be useful in finding high calorie foods that I can bring to work and eat throughout the day, that require little to no preparation? Any ideas would be very much appreciated!