Very nice site!

I’m 31 year old. Live in St-Petersburg, Russia.
I’m programmer.
Was vegetarian for 15 years. Would like to be vegan.


Hi, Max!
Welcome to our forums, I’m also programmer.
BTW: Is it easy to find B12 vitamins in Russia?

I don’t know. I never try to find it.
Probably it is possibly.

Hi Max! Welcome!

What’s stopping you? :wink:

Sometime it is too difficult. E.g. in my city are some vegetarian cafes, but none vegan…

Oooh! Does that mean there’s a gap in the market for a vegan restaurant in St Petersburg? :smiley: Now I just need to win the lottery…

Yes, it’s difficult sometimes… I have found that a lot of food that I thought was vegan isn’t :frowning: I was sort of half-vegan for a long time, and occasionally I end up with non-vegan food because catering staff screwed up or didn’t understand :imp: People seem to be getting used to it now :laughing: I’ve had to “educate” a few local cafe’s (well, demanded salad at busy times :wink: ) So stick with it! :slight_smile:

St-Petersburg doesn’t have special markets for vegan and vegetarian only.
But there are few vegetarian cafes and restaurants. I think, may be it is just first step, but it is very well, and if the people like me will not go there it will closed.

Of course I never buy milk-product, and etc. for home – it’s not difficult.
Lot of other problems… An example, sometime everybody have to go to the dentist, but in some countries all enabled medicaments (include cure for dens) has been tested on animal. I never sure about ingredient of cure, etc…

Yes, this is a problem. Over here there was a major campaign to stop animal testing a few years ago. Some large companies claimed to be animal friendly, but they simply paid another company to do the testing for them :confused: I think the situation is better now.

I think it would be good to be able to request animal-friendly medication; I don’t really know much about the subject. My doctor thinks I’m crazy because I refuse to take unnecessary medication :laughing: (I don’t take the contraceptive pill, and try to treat minor ailments using home remedies or by adjusting my diet) I don’t know what would happen if you actually needed some medication, for example insulin. Anyone here got any experience?!

If you’re trying to be vegan you should try to find out, because I’m almost sure you don’t have a lot of B12 enforced food.

By the way, you’re lucky to be in country with orthodox lent, you must have a lot of vegan options during that time.

Hi Max
Welcome to Vegan talk forums! :slight_smile: