Hello! My name is Tashauna, but you can call me Piglet (I got that nickname one day when I was wearing an outfit that was all pink! I think it’s a cute nickname!)!

I just decided to go vegan last night…my cholesterol is high, and I need to bring it down. So my plan of attack is…Go Vegan and Get Lots of Excersise…Hmmm…catchy, but perhaps too long…I’ll think on it!

It should be somewhat easy…I have been going semi-vegetarian already, meaning that I was only eating poultry and fish, but then I discovered wild game…deer, elk, bear…that sort of thing. I definately like wild game, but meat has a lot of cholesterol in it.

I am nervous about going vegan, but excited to begin this journey. I decided to join a forum so I could get support in this venture.

A random fact about me is that I can pick up languages super fast…I love languages!

Thanks for your time, and I can’t wait to make some vegan friends!