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Hi my name is sarah and i am 18 years old. I am totally in love with all animals and have two of my own. I have a lizard and a dog. I am very straggly against things people do to animals to get food from them, hence why i am well on my way to becoming vegan. As of now i am vegetarian and working on the vegan. I feel that God put these animals on this earth for other purposes then to be killed for food. Never mind torched they way humans have done. It makes me cry to just even think about it. Well thats me in a nut shell,

[color=green]Hello Sarah,
Nice to meet you here! By the way, I am Ashley Khan a.k.a kagir0nkah123 from United States. I am a Model and a Designer. Vegan helps me for being a vegetarian and help me most. I am proud to become a Vegan members. Thanks Sarah. God bless and more power!

kagir0nkah123 :bounce:
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hi to all this is kevin and i have recently joined this community site and i hope you all are enjoying here.

hi to all the members of this fantastic community group.i am kabeer and i joined this group and i hope you are enjoying your beautifull time here have a great day to all.

HI all here,
I join this forum newly. I am much glad to find this kind of the forum and also find much data about the veggies diet, recipes, health related topics, veggies chat and many more. Hope to have nice time here with all of the member’s of the forum…

hello…, all of you .

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