Hi, I'm new

Hi everyone. I’m new!! Been a vegan for over a year and a vegetarian for many.

Hello, Clusswoman!
What does your nick name mean?

I love your avatar… :smiley:

My last name is Clussman—and since I’m not a man, I substituted it with woman.

Thank you! :slight_smile:
I love you nick name! :alien:
Where did you get you avatar with vegan writen on it?
I didn’t see it in the gallery.

There are some cute avatars on the PETA2 website–that’s where I got this one. I have cooler ones but I cannot get them to fit and still look good. :albino:

What is the URL to PETA2 site?


Thank you! :salute:
Nice avatars they have there!


Andy, you are definitely flirting!!! :laughing:
I think our avatars are much better!!!

Awww…what’s wrong with the avatar I picked. :frowning:

It’s nothing wrong you’ve got a nice avatar!
And those avatars on PETA2 are really cute!
Alistar is just jealous. :slight_smile:

Heh… :slight_smile: Ve-E-ery jealous!!! You are the only guy that can be jealous here.
I will not even tell people why, besides that you are a poes. :laughing:
Clusswoman, I will tell you what is wrong with your avatar.
It has no character, most of people here are vagans so writing vegan on your avatar is… let me think :study: … well, I forgot the word.
I just wanted to say that it sucks: :pukeleft:

comes out of the corner with fists flying Hmm…now I consider that a challenge. :imp:

You’re unleashing one angry vegan girl :stuck_out_tongue:

How about this avatar? What could you possibly find wrong about this face?

I like it! :thumbleft:

wazzuuuuuuuuup!!! :slight_smile: