hi :) I'm new to the forum and to vegan cooking

I recently got married (one month ago :slight_smile: ) and my husband is vegan. I am(was?) not. Not even vegetarian or anything close. But since getting married, of course I’m cooking for him, and unless we go out to eat, I eat what I make for him. Now I wasn’t considering being a “real” vegan at all until i noticed DRASTIC improvements in my health. I lost 11 lbs in about 2wks w/o even trying or noticing. Just eating a MOSTLY vegan diet. So now I am trying to make that transition myself. Also, I need help with things to cook!!! While I’m hoping to drop a few more LBS my poor hubby is soooooooo skinny! I’ve gotten him a little fatter, mainly cuz I actually try and make sure he gets more in his tummy then kale and carrots ( his lazy pre-marriage excuse for a meal). I’ve made some pretty good beans, a very yummy soup, and since I discovered this “dehydrated soy protein” I made a decent chili, pasta w/“italian sausage” and “picadillo” (a cuban dish usually made with ground beef) I absolutely LOVE vegan boca burgers but they are sooooo expensive. And my husband apparently stores food in his legs cuz he can eat A LOT! :slight_smile: he likes tofu but I hate it. It actually gives me chils because it freaks me out that bad! :frowning: anyways ill stop being longwinded now.

It’s funny, I actually haven’t lost weight as a vegan, and have put on weight over the years, but since I have gone from being in my late teens to being in my 30s, that sort of goes with the territory. I do very little and consume far too much.

Is your husband vegan for health or ethical reasons?

I love Boca Burgers, and they are so much healthier than the other alternatives.

I used to have to cook seitan and tofu until they were crispy to eat them, you might try that to make you like tofu. Then your taste buds will gradually adjust to the taste and texture. Tofu is sort of a sad thing to live without, it has so many uses.


i m also new here .

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Nice to talk to you guys i am also new here.

Great talking with you guys, I’m new here also. Awesome to see so many new members I can learn from :slight_smile: hehe