Hi from the UK

Greetings from the UK, just found this place today and thought I’d say hi !

I’m Tracy, originally from Toronto, but living in England with my husband, our daughter and our beagle.
I’ve been vegan for about 6 weeks now (but veggie for about 18 years before that)
I’m a bit of a sci-fi and sports geek, love reading, music and movies too.

Loving this smilie !! :grommit:


Hello Scarlett ! Glad that you are with us :slight_smile: wellcome,enjoy & have fun! :slight_smile:

Hey Tracy! Welcome!

Sci-fi and sports, eh? That’s my type of girls! :smiley:
How old is your daughter?

Thanks for the warm welcome :smiley:

Yes, I confess I love sci-fi and sports probably more than it is healthy to :laughing:
My daughter will be 13 in 9 days time (cannot believe I said that out loud). I normally get some very strange looks when I say that !
She’s been reading through my vegan books lately and asking lots of questions, which is great !

Must drag myself off to bed, it’s nearly 1:30am here, but I look forward to reading and posting more on here tomorrow.

Hehe… Have to go to bed myself :slight_smile:
So is your daughter vegan?
Was she vegetarian since her birth?
What kind of sci-fi do you like?
Do you like watching sports or practicing sports?
Sorry if I’m too curious… :slight_smile:

Welcome to our forums! :slight_smile:
What kind of sci-fi do you like? Are there any new and good authors?

Nice seeing you around, Tracy :slight_smile:.

Hi scarlett
Welcome to Vegan talk forums! :slight_smile: