Hi fellow Vegans!

Hey everyone. This seems like a nice place to chat with other Vegans and AR activists. I was told about this site by lunarflowermaiden. I met her in person at the supermarket today and it was awesome because there is only one other Vegan that I know of around where I live. It’s terrible. lunarflowermaiden, It would be nice to see you in person again! ; ) To everyone else, I have a pretty busy life so I won’t be on too often. But I’ll be happy to check up on some posts and chat with you when I can. Later.

Welcome! I am so glad that you joined. You are the first vegan in my area that I have met, so this is history for me :laughing:. It would be nice to see you in person again, as well. I wanted to ask you (for some reason, I did not think of asking you this in the store), are there any groups around here that you know of for animal rights? I have been searching for a while, but I cannot find any.

Hey, JtownVegan19!
welcome to vegTalk.org forums! :smiley:

Hey, JtownVegan19!

wazzup!!! :smiley:

Welcome to our vegan community!

Thank you all for welcoming me. lunarflowermaiden, there are not any local animal rights groups that I know of. We’ll have to keep searching. But around here, I’d doubt it.

I figured as much. I will keep looking, though, and I will let you know if I find anything out.

hello and here to everyone :slight_smile:
i saw that you are disscusing about animal rights :slight_smile: gwess ill help u 2 :slight_smile: if you dont mind :slight_smile: im not vegetarian … but i have nothing against them :slight_smile: but im interested in law staff ... so here i am :slight_smile: who knows maybe in one day ....... well see :slight_smile:)) so that`s it …
changes are comming :slight_smile: