Hi fellow veg people

I’m new here and I just wanted to get some new and original recipes.

I am writing a little ebook of vegetarian/vegan recipes for a yeast free candida diet, and specialty diets for people with allergies and sensitivities.

I am looking also for wheat free recipes, gluten free recipes, sugar free recipes, celiac disease recipes, and dairy free recipes.

I am looking people who would like to donate an original recipe or have some great recipes. I would give you credit at the back of the book. If it is not your own recipe I would need to know the source to give credit.

This is going to be a little book I would sell. I am creating a yeast free diets site with information about this topic.

I am also looking for experts on the topic of yeast candida, candida cleanse, intestinal health and also reflux. Would love to do an interview.

Thanks so much.

Also I would like recipes that are wheat free, recipes that are gluten free, recipes sugar free, recipes that are diary free.
Thanks again.

Hello to you my friend!

Hope you can visit the forum quite often… I can share to you some of my recipes…Hope you can share yours also…

Good day!