Hi, Everyone

Hi Everyone.
I just wanted to drop into the New Members forum to introduce myself. I am NOT a vegan, nor even vegetarian, however, I have been fascinated for years by the vegan lifestyle. Coming across this forum, I decided to register an account and look around. Rest assured, I am NOT here to promote animal product consumption nor use of animals for their products. I am merely fascinated by those whose beliefs differ from mine and would like to learn more about such.

Hi! :slight_smile: Cool 8)

A few years ago the Vegan Society had a campaign to “go vegan for a day” - maybe if you’re interested it would answer (or raise?!) a few questions? One of my non-vegan friends discovered a love of rice milk! :laughing: Just a suggestion - I’m not trying to bash you!

sure, I had not thought of that., BigBecka, could you or anyone else give me some suggestions for recipes? (please, no soy, though. I do not consume it for health reasons).
I would love to try out a vegan day. :slight_smile:

Welcome to Vegan forums! :slight_smile:

Hi Black Phase
Welcome to Vegan talk forums! :slight_smile:

thanks everyone :slight_smile: