hi everybody from Greece

hello to everybody!
i’m glad i find you! i have always wanted more vegan friends!

  1. i became vegan after i saw the video “if slaughterhouses had…” you all know, i follow epicurean philosophy in my life so it was too easy for me and for my man to go vegan, i also came near death many times in the past and i learnt to appreciate life.
  2. i’m 22 years old, as i said from greece , my name is Petra and i’m a professor of classical studies and greek litterature.
  3. the veganism changed my life and give the strenght i needed to end bad relationships i already had with meateater friends and make a new start in my life.
  4. i like : α)reading: philosophy, psychoanalysis, psychiatry, psychology, about different cultures, animal rights, human rights…
    b) dancing and exercising
  5. my dreams are: to continue university and research, to save animals, to travel the world and to become a better person in every way… also to learn to dance tahitian dances and advanced pole dance!

my biggest love in life, except my family and my man, are my cockatiels and my colie, Dora. i hope you get an idea of what person i am… i would love to know you better too… sorry for my english …

Hi Petra!

I just joined the forum and being Greek I know how hard it is to find vegans to share your interests with :slight_smile: I am Alexia, 27 and just 3 days vegan, but with high hopes to stick to it. If you feel the need to talk about vegan subjects in Greek you can send me a private message :slight_smile: This is an international forum, so I believe all “versions” of English are acceptable, so do not worry about it.