Hey Everybody! Let's Be Friends!

I have to admit - I felt super excited after joining this forum…I feel all happy just writing this post too, dude!

Okay, I have been Vegan for exactly 30 days now! feels like only yesterday I guess I must have been web surfing those 30 days back…when I came across some PETA videos --> that meat video --> then Earthlings. And like that quote, “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.”, said…I feel as if I entered one myself, and came out someone very different. At the beginning of this year I became intrested in natural beauty stuff, I have no idea why…but, after reading the tons of information available online I became one of those crazy people that “normal” people make fun of. I haven’t used shampoo/conditioner in 4 months, and I have the best hair ever! (I know this site is not about that, but hey…this is an intro to me, right?) I guess that little, insignificant choice to not use some weird hair product is what catapaulted me into this world I live in now, a world where I, myself, could be vegan!!! Something that would be so crazy just last year, but now seems so logical, go figure. I made the choice to go Vegan based on three main things: animal cruelty, health, and the enviroment (just saying, so you all know that I am doing this for all of them, and not just one reason). Well, that’s the story so far…since it’s only been 30 days.

I wanted to join a site because all the information I read said that I should find friends who are also vegan, and build some moral support for myself. I didn’t think I needed that, but now I am seeing that it might be useful, plus friends are always good! I know nobody who is vegan, or even vegetarian…and since I am kind of strange and counter-cultural, my buddies just play this diet choice as one more “thing” that makes me different from the rest. I need people to understand that choice, not tolerate it. So that is why I am here.

A few things about myself, and then I’ll be finished, lol.
I’m a girl, American, 20 years old, and a second year college student. I am studying for a degree in East Asian studies, focusing on Chinese and Japanese. I have played the piano for 10 years. I have Native American ancestry, though I don’t look it (blue eyed, blonde). And, I have a dog named Kami (she’s half siberian husky, half boston terrier). That’s it (well, not really, but it was getting long), please welcome me warmly! :smiley:

Hello. Im new here myself. Our daughter also has a half boston terrier named Kami.

Hey doublebar2, it’s nice to meet you! Another 1/2 boston named Kami? No way! My dog looks more like a miniature german shepherd though, because of her dad (siberian husky). How long have you been Vegan?

We are not vegan. I am here to learn Engeddie.

Oh, okay, that’s fine. I hope you get a lot of info out of this forum.