her/his parents against veganism

How do you handle her/his parents if they are against veg*ism? :unamused:

Well, my gut instinct is that it’s none of their business and, if they want the two of you to visit as a couple, they can learn to live with it! :smiley: But I know it’s not always that easy…

Maybe there’s a hidden agenda? Maybe they’re worried you’ll be a “bad influence” on younger relatives or something? Or maybe they just don’t know how to cater for you? Sling some of those crazy tofu steaks on the barbie, and crack open some stubbies :wink:

What if you have to live in their house for a while?

Oh dear… that’s a sticky one :frowning: I usually cook my own food, since I have to watch my weight anyway and fit my meals around training :wink: It’s a bit anti-social, but I think it’s the only solution to living with non-vegans!

Anyway, they should be pleased their daughter is going out with a nice vegan :slight_smile:

May be it’s a good idea to try and educate them about all the benefits of being Vegan?
How it helps the environment etc…

First of all, you are not in a relationship with his/her parents so it should be no big deal. It will just start to be an issue when they suddenly decide to influence the other to have the same outlook as theirs, which will eventually put your relationship in jeopardy.

You should avoid situations like this but in any case that “love” still wins it, you just have to prove to them that there is more to you than what they see fit.

Do not argue if people will be against it anyway. Own your power and live as you choose no matter what others think.

Yes I am agree as the relation isnt mean you have to leave with her or his father but now you have to decide it from your end.

I do not pay attention to them and do not go to dinner with them.

I think it’s pretty obvious. You fart at the dinner table, of course. Duh! – :fart:

Just like you have taken decision for your eating habit, let them choose their eating habits. Just stay healthy and keep your family healthy also.