hemp hemp hemp!

I’ve got my handmade, hemp w/ glass beads, adjustable, colorful bracelets up for auction on ebay…

interested? :slight_smile:

I thought I’d show you guys because they’re pretty environmentally friendly and made my a fellow vegan :smiley:

cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi … 0191429159

Hey, they’re really pretty! I hope business is going well :slight_smile:

One of my schoolfriends used to have quite a business going, making friendship bracelets and hair wraps for a local hippy-shop :wink: They used to take ages to make though - I’m kinda glad they went out of fashion!

Is it really hemp? :wink:

Is it really hemp? Yeah! Haha…the cord is made of hemp.

Jesus!!! where do you get it from? and what happens to the other part of hemp? :smiley: