Helping people transition to a vegan diet

Hi everybody,

I have often wondered how I can help people to transition to a healthier diet and a better all round wellbeing, and how I could achieve this as my full time job. I have been working hard over the last 6 months to create a 28-Day Challenge that helps people make the transition to a plant based diet while also getting them to look at their own personal wellbeing.

I think it could really be of help to those who think it is too hard or too restricting to transition. Please see my link below:-

How does everyone approach those that they love, without sounding pushy or judgemental? I loved making the challenge as an aid to those who are searching for it but I also want to create awareness for those who don’t already know. I love the idea of peaceful protests, and prioritising successful rescues and transitions. What other ideas does everyone have?

Thanks for your time.

To spread the idea of vegan lifestyle it is such a forum like is needed)