I registered, but forgot to confirm, and my spam filters ate the confirmation message.

I can’t log in with the member name or email address.

I couldn’t find any contact links for the forum admin.

Can someone help me out?

The member name, which is in the system, but unconfirmed is “beforewisdom”. I would like to keep it.



Sergio is the admin, dunno how to contact him off the forum though.

I can’t even PM him for help as I am not registered.

He has NO way to contact him either on his main site…vegnews.

Would you PM him and let him know about my post?


Why don’t you try and register with a different nickname?
Sergio will change it for you later.

for admin help you can use

I’m having the same problem on the EU Forum. I can’t post anything. I can’t send any PMs.
I e–mailed the e-mail address given on the confirmation e-mail and that doesn’t exist apparently! I tried the e-mail address given here a couple of posts back and that is dead as well…

having the same problem here when traveling Sri Lanka Tours