Help please

Hi, I am 13 and I have been a vegetarian now for 2 years. My dads side of the family are all butchers so I am the only one in my family. I have never really understood what I can and can’t eat (apart from the obvious) I have tried looking around on the net for what is suitable but I have had no luck in finding anything. Is it possible for anyone to just post a simple list of what I can’t eat?! If there is too much then I understand. One more question can I eat Ben and Jerry’s ice cream? I have a pot of it next to me and I really want to eat it but I am withdrawing temptation until it is confirmed “suitable.”

I think the first most important question is why do you want to be vegetarian not what you shall not eat.

All that is vegetable, fruits, beans or made from them.
Or do you need all the ingredients?

I think vegetarians use eggs, milk, and cheese now, by definition. Vegan means you don’t, but then the ‘wolf’ considers the deer a harvest, just a vegetable, so definitions change…meat means food, or used to. Now it means blood. Veggie or Carni? A carnivore, or omnivore is a vegetarian also. Eskimos were more a carnivore, due to their situation. If it feels good, do it(?). Suitable? I tend to get a bit crazy when the diet isn’t vegan. Pan nature. Peace. Be a goat! Capricorn

If there was a list…I can assure you I’d be one of the first to get my hands on it. I’ve read all these crazy things on hidden animal products in food and it grosses me out! I try to stay away from processed foods altogether…

You’re 13? That’s awesome. I’m…just a tad younger :wink:

Move to Europe! We have lists on everything! :laughing:

Ice cream usually contains cream, so, not vegan. However, sorbets can be vegan, and there is an increasing market in soy ice-cream (worth checking out any health food stores).

I know I keep banging on about the vegan society, but they have a list of what basic products are animal derived. As a general rule, be suspicious of things with a creamy or cheesey texture, and overly processed foods like ready-meals (they tend to use all kinds of gunk as preservatives).

Since you’re still living at home (I assume) and going to school, you may find it difficult to cut out all animal additives. Make changes in small steps, and don’t feel you have to be too hard on yourself (or those around you!) to begin with. Since you’re still developing, you might want to pay quite a bit of attention to nutrition, and making sure you get a sufficient calorific intake (I know people who were pretty much forced to live off pasta or beans on toast as a teen, and got long term health problems)

speaking of cheesey and creamy textures…

my dad just bought some crazy 4-cheese & spinach dip…laughs nervously thanks Dad…

It’s got like 50 ingredients, 3 of which are most likely animal-derived

Awwww, you’re Dad’s trying! :smiley: He deserves a hug and cup of tea (or whatever dad’s like these days…)

My Mum used to (in fact, she sometimes still does…) buy me cheesey italian style food thinking it’s vegan :wink: Maybe you could drop some really obvious hints (“say, you know those [insert favourite food here], I really fancy one of those, they’re soooo nice”)

Oh yes he loves tea :laughing:

My father didn’t ever make such attempts :frowning:
Or may be he did when I was much younger :slight_smile: and kinda got frustrated :slight_smile:))

I think that ice cream has some animal-derived products…but if you are aiming to be a vegetarian, then I guess dairy products are ok…

I am also new to being a vegetarian, I am thinking of going vegan…

There are vegan ice creams, but unfortunately not everywhere :slight_smile:

Well vegan diet is all fruits and vegetable…something that is not of animal protein…so the carbohydrates are also vegan like the breads,the rice etc.

I am not fond of dairy products and I am not fond of beef and pork. However I am having difficulty cutting off fish from my diet…I hope I can get over it.

Fish was last meat product which I ate, but eventually I stopped eating fish about 17 years ago… :slight_smile: