Help on graphics software?

Sorry for the non-vegan post - well, I’m a vegan and I’m asking the question I guess!

A few people on here seem to be computer and graphics modellers… (I’m blown away by Andy’s minotaur :slight_smile: ) I was wondering if anyone knew of any sites where I could learn a little about graphics / modelling software? I’ve looked on a few sites, but they assume some knowledge, and I haven’t got a clue about any of the software :frowning: Which packages are popular, and used for computer games and animated films? More importantly, are there any easy to use packages for beginners :wink: or some freeware / demos I can play with?! :wink:

Hey Becka!
When you talk about modelling I hope you mean 3D modelling. :wink:
Here are some 3d modeling and animation software i know about:
You can click on the links to learn more about each software.

Softimage XSI - my favorite at the moment. Really smart tools and work flow.

Autodesk 3ds max - most popular software especially for games and Architectural Visualization.

Autodesk MAYA - very popular animation software used for creating professional visual effects for movies.

Luxology MODO - new software with great 3d modeling tool and very basic animation.

Light wave 3D - a mature 3d animation software.

Blender 3D - open source 3D animation software, free and available for linux.

Cinema4D - another good 3D animation software with robust animation and 3d modeling tools.

Here are some tutorials

If you have more questions I will answer with pleasure.

BigBecka, what do you need the software for?
What do you want to make with it?

Well, firstly for general interest - I used to study art years ago, and I love fantasy art but have never been any good with airbrushes :frowning: a lot of artists seem to work in CGI now

Second, I sometimes do some CAD contract work for various companies. I don’t like the results that CAD packages give - they’re very rough and ‘blocky’ compared to what you see in movies and computer games. I’ld like to produce something that will look good in a presentation - possibly including some animations, a nice background, maybe some people? Just realistic colours would be a start! It’s surprising how much customers judge you on a presentation…

Yeah, I hadn’t quite realised the difference :laughing: - the packages I use tend to work in 2D, then you extrude the shapes and make it 3D 8)
Thanks for all the links! I haven’t got round to checking them all out yet :unamused: I quite like Blender, but difficult to get the hang of, things keep being wobbly :wink: Maya looks quite promising…

Blender has become quite powerful lately for a free program it is on par with other industry standard 3d animation software.