Hello, everyone :wave:! I was bored and surfing the net when I came across this site, and I thought that I would join. It would be nice to have other people to talk to about veganism because I do not have any vegan, or even vegetarian, friends. I suppose that I should say a little about myself: I am 16 and from Pennsylvania. I am very much into music and drawing. I love making friends and talking to new people, so I am hoping to do that on this forum. You all seem like very nice people, and I am looking forward to posting.

Hey, lunarflowermaiden!!!



I’m 27, love music and art too :wink:
I’m a 3D artist/animator… but right now I’ve given all it up for some time.
Trying to develop this project food.vegtalk.org with my brother and other vegan projects. Like organizing translations of vegan info in Russian and Romanian.

That sounds awesome! It is very nice to meet you, AndyBa :happy8:.

me too!! :smiley:
So do you have any cool drawings to show? :wink:


They are not that great, but I will try to show a couple once I get my scanner up and running. Don’t be too harsh though because, like I said, they are not anything great.

welcome, lunarflowermaiden

Thank you, WarChild.

Hi! Welcome lunarflowermaiden! Would love to see drawings! Don’t be shy!

Thank you! I will post some soon :toothy10: .

Hey flower, wazzuuuuuuuuup!!! :smiley:

Hiya, Backwood :hello2:! How is life treating you over in Australia?

Hiya, lunarflowermaiden!
Life is not bad… not bad at all :slight_smile:
Have you been to Australia?

Not yet :frowning:…but I am planning on visiting some day :slight_smile:!
I am glad to hear that life is going well.

hello everyone :slight_smile: im too new here :slight_smile: today borned GrenBro child :slight_smile:)) im not vegetarian … ive tryed fewtime but ... i cant resist… maybe you will help someday :slight_smile: im 20 years old … so i have a life in front of me …

lunarflowermaiden … waiting to see your drawings and if you wont so see som truly green place … come in Eastern european countryes … :slight_smile: and you can take Backwood with you :slight_smile:

Well, hey, that sounds like a really good idea.

Road trip :cheers:!


From Pennsylvania it will have to be air trip as well… :bom:

That is true.

anyway we are waiting for you :slight_smile:

I am glad to hear that, GreenBro :smiley:.