Hello. :)

Hello. You can call me… “LetsBVeg.”
I’m 21 years old, married, and a father of a beautiful 7 month old baby girl.

I’ve recently decided to be Vegan, shed of light, from a few documentaries I watched out of curiosity. My heart sank, and a few of them had heart breaking moments, and made me literally cry. :’(

My eyes are opened.

Maybe I can start by asking a question in this introduction?
-I Cannot stand the taste of Tofu. No matter how much it’s pressed, or absorbing of flavors I have attempted to cook it in. No matter the firmness, or lack there of.
This is making it rather difficult for me to make satisfying meals. I’m not completely Vegan. I had milk in my coffee today. I’m going to the store tomorrow to get some Vanilla Almond Milk.

I have to search this forum/internet for some non-Tofu-Vegan meals. It’s a rough road right now, but I’m not struggling too much, except for the Tofu thing, and adding milk to my coffee.

Much love.

I hear ya. I wasn’t a big fan of tofu either, and I found it difficult to cook. However, I came up with a faux fish filet recipe that is out of this world. There are some pretty tasty veg*n recipes across the web. If you haven’t had quinoa, you should give it a try and create a quinoa pilaf (alternative to rice pilaf). If you have a slow cooker, you can come up with some pretty tasty stuff with it as well like black bean chili or red kidney bean chili or your own vegan meat marinara sauce using vegan Boca crumbles.

Congrats on the new addition to the family.